Ministry Of Health
Haseki Education Research Hospital



Our vision is to achieve pre-determined, short and long-term goals and to create institutional awareness in order to ensure the continuity of quality in the provision of healthcare services.




Our main mission is to keep the satisfaction of the patients and their relatives at the highest level within the quality assurance system to be applied in the provision of health services of Haseki Training and Research Hospital, to ensure that the personnel is proud of their work by creating a corporate culture, and to provide quality health services to the employees with in-service training support by adhering to the principles of deontology.




Ø  Patient-Focused

Ø  Empathy, Sensitivity

Ø  Patient and Employee Safety

Ø  Fairness, Trust

Ø  Accessible Service

Ø  Continuity .

Ø  Quality Service Delivery

Ø  Tracking Innovations

Ø  Communication, Information, Sharing

Ø  Holistic Approach

Ø  Transparency Honesty

Ø  Team Spirit Collaboration