Home Healthcare Unit

Home Healthcare Unit:

Within the scope of the "Regulation for Providing Home Health Care Services by the Ministry of Health and Its Affiliated Companies" and in coordination with the Presidency of Public Hospital Services of the City of Istanbul, examinations, analyzes, treatment, medical care, and rehabilitation are provided to patients who need services Home Health In our hospital, relatives of patients are trained on issues to be considered inpatient care and treatment.

Our team, serving 26,605 patients since its establishment day, continues to provide home health services to an average of 1,400 patients per month, with 6 doctors, 13 midwives/nurses/health officials, 3 secretaries, 7 mobile teams, and coordination teams. Our team aims to reach more patients by growing and renewing day in and day out.

What is home health care?

Our hospital's home health teams aim to provide health services to the socially disadvantaged, sick, needy, handicapped, and elderly people residing in the districts of Bayrampaşa, Fatih, Zeytinburnu, and Sultangazi.

 With home health services; In addition to medical treatment and medical care services, it is ensured that the individual is aware of his illness, supported in terms of health and social aspects in the home environment, and education about the illnesses of patients and their relatives. With health services that transport patients home; It aims to prevent the accumulation that may occur in hospitals, to reduce the length of hospital stay, and thus to reduce the difficulties that patients receiving home health care face in accessing health care.

What are the health services provided within the framework of home health care services?

Services of examination, examination, analysis, treatment, medical care and wound care in the home environment in which the patient is present as part of the planned diagnosis and treatment.

Prescribing medicines whose long-term use is documented by a medical report, without prejudice to the special regulations for prescribing the medicine.

Assist in producing reports on the use of medical devices and materials.

Familiarizing the patient and his family with the duties they can perform in the home care process, illness, and care processes.

Providing services such as training and consultations on medical devices and equipment that the patient must use at home. Directing the transfer of the patient to the relevant health institution and/or from the health institution to his home when necessary.

Training of patients and their families in the care of disabled patients.

Renewal of patient reports.

Who can benefit from home health care services?

Bedridden patients, semi-bedridden patients, terminal palliative care patients, severe muscle patients, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's patients, patients requiring post-operative care.

Elderly patients who are unable to move, patients with morbid obesity, children with spasticity, palliative care in tumors, diseases of the muscular system.

How can you apply for home health care services?

Patients or family members who wish to receive home health care services can apply to the National Contact Center of the Ministry of Health by calling 33 38 444 (444EVDE) or they can reach our unit by calling the following numbers:


The health personnel of the Istanbul Home Health Coordination Center conducts an interview with the person requesting the service and are directed to the relevant hospital teams.

The person who will receive home health care service is visited at home by a team of doctors and allied health workers. Then the status of the person who will receive the service and the service to be provided is determined.

A home health care treatment plan is created after consultation with other physicians who plan to treat people who will receive home health care services, if any, by a physician. Emergencies that occur with the exception of current cases of people who are provided with home health care services are not included in the unit's field of work.

 In emergency situations, call 112 regional ambulance services or apply directly to the emergency service of health institutions.



In what cases is the service terminated?

If the patient does not need home health care, if the patient is cured, if the patient dies, if the individual or his relative who takes care of him at home wants to terminate the service, or if the patient who receives home health care is transferred from his whereabouts for any reason. . (If the patient who wishes to continue receiving the service informs the Health Services Committee of this situation, the continuation of the service will be provided after the transfer is made, on the contrary, the service will be terminated)