Our Quality Policy


 Keeping patient-employee safety and satisfaction at the highest level, providing specialist training at a contemporary level, preferred in the region, open to changes and developments that can renew its technology, and in line with our Productivity Standards and targets, To keep the expectations and satisfaction of our patients at the highest level, to constantly review our system, to give importance and priority to improvement studies.

Providing honest, high-quality, and economical health services by continuously improving the trust of our patients, suppliers, and all our employees, Knowing that our greatest strength is our employees, working with teams that make a difference, providing a working environment that they are proud of by constantly investing in the training and personal development of our employees, technological innovations, To be a hospital that continuously follows scientific and managerial developments and provides our patients with sharing, timely and reliable health services in accordance with the quality management system conditions. It is not to compromise on quality understanding by providing quality service in health.