Patient Rights Effective In Our Hospital

General rights to service
▶▶ Right to provide and request information
▶▶ Right to choose and change healthcare institution and staff
▶▶ Privacy, respect for moral and social values
▶▶ Right to halt or refuse treatment and withdraw consent
▶▶ Security
▶▶ Right to exercise freedom of religion
▶▶ Respect for human values, dignity and comfort
▶▶ Right to have guests and companion
▶▶ Application, complaint and litigation rights
▶▶ All of our international patients can register their complaints, suggestions and requests in their native language to our hospitals or call centres of the Ministry of Health by calling +90 850 288 38 38
▶▶ Our hospital is operational in accordance with the national accreditation criteria and is officially inspected twice a year.