Plastıc, Reconstructıve And Aesthetıc Surgery

The plastic Surgery Department is a young branch of modern medicine that emerged in the last century. The expression plastic in its name comes from the ancient Greek word "plasticos", which means "to shape, to form". The main purpose of plastic surgery is to restore shape and function with the simplest definition.

The aesthetic expression in the name of the branch refers to the part of plastic surgery where the defined techniques for reconstruction are used to make the appearance more attractive and pleasing to the eye in actually healthy people. It is the only department authorized to perform aesthetic interventions. On the other hand, the term reconstructive refers to the part that performs operations aimed at restoring shape and function, whether it is congenital or acquired due to accident, cancer, etc. The main areas of interest of plastic surgery are surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, removal of tissue deficiencies, closure of open wounds, reconstruction after burns, correction of facial bone fractures and congenital head/facial deformities, cleft palate/lip correction, hand surgery, congenital correction of hand anomalies (adjacent and extra fingers, curvatures, underdevelopment, etc.) and microsurgery and tissue transplants (face transplant, limb transplants). Unlike many other departments, it is the section -perhaps the only--where operations are performed throughout the body, from the top of the head to the nail tip of the toes, created around certain techniques, not around a specific organ or system.

Although the establishment of modern plastic surgery is very recent, research shows that its origins actually date back to Ancient Egypt in 2500 BC. In India, where nose cutting is a common punishment method for theft and various crimes, it is known that nose reconstruction was performed by tissue transfer from the forehead by Sushuta Samhita in 800 BC. Later, these methods were learned by western physicians during the Renaissance and geographical discoveries and introduced in their own countries and the origins of modern plastic surgery were laid.

Plastic surgery, which is a dynamic branch in which new techniques and innovations are constantly being developed, carries the horizon further every day and brings a solution to the problems that more and more people experience every day. As in many other branches, plastic surgeons in our country have reached the position and prestige they deserve in the world and have contributed to the development of plastic surgery in the world and continue to do so.

Today, plastic surgery has a very wide operation field. Maxillofacial surgery, skin tumors, congenital anomalies, aesthetic operations, microsurgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgeries, minor procedures (such as mole, cyst, and sebaceous gland removal), and burns are the main ones. In our hospital, rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, skin tumors, hand surgery, reconstructive surgeries, and minor procedures are performed.