Companion Rules

During your stay as a companion, you must follow the hospital rules.

Provided that it is a medical necessity, it is decided by the related physician to accompany the patients. Take your companion card from the nurse in return for identification. Keep the companion card given by the institution on your collar.

Children under the age of 12, those with a known infectious disease or known to have had recent contact with a person with an infectious disease, people with symptoms supporting respiratory tract infection such as cough, sneezing, sore throat, and runny nose, people with any chronic diseases, people prone to infection cannot be accepted as a patient companion.

If the patient has "Isolation Signs" on the room door or bedside, you should not leave the room and follow the isolation rules. You should not change your companion or accept visitors.

You should not use tobacco, tobacco products, and alcoholic substances in the hospital. You should not speak loudly in sick rooms and corridors, or disturb staff or other patients.

You should not leave your bags, wallets, and valuables with you. Our hospital does not accept responsibility if they are lost.

Before and after contact with the patient, you should wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer.

You should not make any application for the patient, except for the directives of the doctor and nurse.

You can seek assistance from the floor nurse and staff while positioning the bed.

In terms of the safety of our patients, make sure that the attendants and, if necessary, the health personnel accompany your patient while standing up and walking around.

In case of any emergency regarding your patient, you should inform the nurse by using the nurse call bell.

In case of any emergency in the toilets, press the red button on the corded toilet call unit or pull the rope.

You should not take patients out of the hospital or change their beds, except at the request of the relevant physician or nurse.

You should not bring food or drink to the patient, or give any food or drink to the patient without consulting the doctor or nurse. By showing the accompanying cards, you can benefit from the food services of our hospital without paying a separate fee. Foodservice is provided by the floor waiters. After the meal, your plates will be collected by the floor waiters.

Fever, blood pressure measurement, medication request, etc. about the companion and visitors themselves. demands are not met in our clinic. In case of emergency, you can apply to our emergency service, and you can make an appointment at our polyclinics for your other complaints.

Visitor rules may differ according to units. Please follow the specified visiting rules.

In the departments with Special Patient Groups, the attendant and visitor rules are determined by the relevant department and clinic and are defined in the "Special Patient Groups Care Procedure".

Companions to intensive care units will not be accepted. One person can stay in the intensive care waiting room.

You should not leave your patients (such as disabled, mentally ill, palliative care patients) alone in particular patient groups.

While your patient is being discharged, you must hand over your 'attendance card' to the ward nurse.

The phone numbers you can reach us after you are discharged are recorded in your epicrisis.



You can get the remote control of the TV in your room from the floor nurse. When you are discharged, hand over the control to the floor nurse.


Do not store laundry, bags, bottles, etc. outside the window. Do not put the materials.


Bread, paper, and so on. Do not throw away the materials.


 We remind you that the door of the refrigerator in the room should not be left open and we remind you not to put food items that may cause odor.


Use the sockets in the room wall and bathroom for your personal electrical items.


Turn off any unnecessary lighting in your room. In case of malfunction, please inform the service nurse.


If there is unnecessary running tap in your room, turn it off. In case of malfunction, please inform the service nurse.


You should not use the empty beds in the services; you should use the companion seats.


Open the companion seats at 22:00 at the earliest and close at 07:00 in the morning at the latest. Make sure that it is not open outside these hours.


Take care to keep the hospital's belongings and materials tidy and clean.


All these rules are designed to provide better and higher quality service to our patients.

 We thank all our patients, attendants and visitors for your sensitivity;


We wish you healthy days.