Intensive Care Unit

Our Hospital's Intensive Care Clinic has been providing 3rd Stage Intensive Care services in Sultangazi Campus since April 2019.


Our department consists of 5 units, each with a capacity of 10 beds. There are 2 single negative pressure rooms in each unit; It has a total capacity of 50 beds. Invasive / non-invasive mechanical ventilation and monitoring facilities are available for each bed. Advanced treatment methods such as renal replacement therapies, plasmapheresis, MARS support in hepatic encephalopathy, bedside video bronchoscopy, ECMO in refractory respiratory failure can be applied. All kinds of invasive procedures are performed. Bedside ultrasonography-doppler is routinely applied. Our physiotherapists make every patient do in-bed and breathing exercises on a daily basis, and patients whose general condition improves are transferred to the service or palliative support units.


Our department has 3 reanimation specialist doctors who have received intensive care subspecialty following Chest Diseases, Anesthesiology - Reanimation, and Internal Medicine specialty and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under the supervision of an intensive care specialist. Anesthesia and Reanimation Clinic assistants regularly work in the department and receive training. Also, Internal Medicine Clinic assistants receive training under the rotation program.  Our clinic provides service with a total of 100 nurses and 60 auxiliary personnel; each nurse is responsible for the care of 2 patients.


Trauma patients and postoperative patients as well as all internal acute diseases can be followed up in our intensive care unit.