Fatih Community Mental Health Center

Our center, which was opened in 2014 within the SBU Haseki Training and Research Hospital, has been serving as Fatih Community Mental Health Center since that day.


Outpatient service is provided by the Specialist Doctor five days a week. On Thursdays, we make half-day home visits with the team vehicle in the field. Parenteral treatments of the patients are continued in the center. Psycho-education is carried out 1 day a week and family group 1 day a week. During working hours on weekdays, clients and their families can receive supportive interview services from their counselors. The activity of the center continued at the same pace during the pandemic process, and parenteral and supportive treatments for clients with curfew were continued at their residence addresses.


Before the pandemic process, 5 days of occupation therapy and 3 days of art therapy are provided by our teachers as a service to our consultants. As a social activity, the socialization of our patients is observed under the name of “Sweet Wednesday”. We inform the patients about their social rights and the services they can receive, and provide the necessary guidance. Since our establishment, we have served and will continue to serve our patients, our main goal and sole focus, with the same stability.


We wish you healthy days.