Sultangazi Community Mental Health Center

It is a center that provides bio-psycho-social support services to patients who have persistent mental problems, within the framework of a community-based mental health model, ensures follow-up and treatment of patients, and provides an effective and accessible service

Which Patients Can Benefit From Our Services?


-Schizotypal Disorders

-Persistent Delusional Disorders

-Delusional Disorders

-Schizoaffective Disorders

-Non-Organic Psychotic Disorders

-Bipolar Affective Disorders

What Are Our Services?

Outpatient services:    Outpatient follow-up and treatment, prescribing medication, issuing medication reports

Individual counseling: To determine the case counselor of each patient with the expert team

Psychoeducation: Patients and their relatives; Informing patients and their relatives on crisis management issues.

Who Is Our Expert Staff?


Psychiatric Nurses

Social Worker

Handicraft Teachers

Data Entry Staff

Auxiliary Staff


Working Days and Hours of Our Center:

Our center serves free of charge and without an appointment between

08:30 and 16:30 on weekdays.